Global Souls is a destination blog. I share my travel experiences, as well as my passion for cuisine and connecting with others.

I first started Global Souls as a way to share travel stories with my students. Since the majority of them didn’t have access to travel — much less a way to leave their neighborhood— I began to search for ways to encourage them to think on a global scale and make them believe that access to travel is indeed possible. Being able to learn in a classroom is important, but having the opportunity to see the world outside of our bubble is invaluable. Through travel our sense of empathy increases and our sense of entitlement decreases exponentially. I can’t think of a single institution that can bring more meaning to people’s lives.

I’d love to connect with you! I’m passionate about learning new things. Drop me a comment, let me know if I made you feel more informed, entertained, validated…or just plain irritated. Go ahead, speak your mind.